Permanent Makeup


Permanent makeup is our passion here at OMS. Orlagh carries out a minimum of 3 per day, 5 days per week. Weather it’s fluffy feathery brows, powdery smoky brows, blushed or full coloured lips or you want that perfect eyeliner enhancement we are the salon for you. With over 10 years experience you know you are in the right hands. We believe your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips should compliment and enhance your features but not dominate. Realism is what we do best.

What is permanent makeup 

Permanent makeup is a semi permanent technique that uses a pen with different configurations of needles to implant pigment 2-3mm under the skin. By using the Golden Ratio method this means each treatment is customised to each persons individual facial measurements.

What happens during a treatment?

Firstly during your consultation we will discuss your treatment expectations. A patch test and questionnaire will determine your suitability. Photos will be taken of the area you would like treated for review later. First treatment will take approximately 1.5-2 hours where the area will be measured , mapped, pre-drawn, and pigments chosen. Once you are happy with shape and shade we will topically numb the area. 4 weeks later you will return and have the process again. You cannot rush perfection.  On very rare occasions you may have to return for a 3rd session this can come down to skin type, medication, lifestyle or genetics. 

Does it hurt?

You are topically numbed with a numbing agent. You may feel a slight stinging sensation but its all very bearable and with Orlagh’s stretching technique you hardly feel a thing.

If undergoing cancer treatment when is it best to get micro blading?

The best time to get this done is before starting chemotherapy or after finishing your treatment. A doctors note is essential prior to starting your treatments and they will give you the best advice on when would be best for you and your health. 

Giving Back 

At OMS we like to give back to our community and understand how hard it is when you are going through something as horrible as cancer. So we want to give a little back by offering to do your brows and all we want back is a donation to marie currie. 

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