Micro needle therapy System


BB Glow Facial 

A facial treatment technique which originates from Korea.  It consists of a range of serums that are made up of 100% natural ingredients. They are paraben free, fragrance free, alcohol free, colorants free and allergen free. They are introduced into the skin by Micro needling, which is a pen device with micro sized needles moving over your skin. It’s a great way to wear BB cream without having to wash it off and re-apply. 

The serums lends a blurring effect from inside your skin to lighten dark circles, even out skin tones and reduce the appearance of pores and gives a gradual lightening effect on the skin. You won’t look like you are wearing makeup; it will completely look like your own skin only better. It will last up to 4 months, if a course of 3 treatments is taken. 

It is a makeup tattoo?

It is definitely not a tattoo or semi permanent foundation tattoo.

What happens during the treatment?

The treatment begins with a double and tone. The skin receives a dermaplaning to remove all dead skin cell build up. Hot towels are applied to open pores and prepare for black head removal. An exfoliating peel is applied, then a neutralising foam . Now we have a fresh base to begin application of targeted MTS ampoule, then application of BB Glow ampoule. To finish the experience we apply a calming hyaluronic sheet mask and LED Light therapy.  

Is it painful 

The Micro needle therapy System only enters the skin up to 1mm. Generally you do not feel anything but if you do its a slight sting sensation. 

What is the downtime?

After treatment your face will be slightly pink and it is normal to feel a sunburn sensation for about 12 – 24 hours.  We advise no water for 24 hours, no makeup for 48 hours and no excessive sweating for 48 hours. 

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