CliniCare Dermaplaning Facial 

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a facial treatment preformed using a scalpel to manually exfoliate dead skin cells and vellus hair (also know as peach fuzz) from the surface of the skin. It triggers the cell regenerating process which helps improve, soften and smooth the appearance of acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation and sun damage. Having Vellus hair and dead skin removed can allow makeup to sit more smoothly, product penetration is maximised more deeply into the skins layers. This means your skincare products will work more effectively. It also boosts blood circulation and gives skin more light refraction which delivers an instant glow and plumping effect to the skin. 

Does it cause your hair to grow back thicker?

No No No. Your hair will grow back exactly the same colour and thickness as it was previously as we are only removing vellus hair and not terminal hair ( which is on your head, mens faces, legs, underarms). Your hair follicle has a structure which cannot be changed by just simply shaving some off your peach fuzz.

Is it painful?

Dermaplaning is totally pain free.

Is it suitable for everyone?

All skin types can benefits from dermaplaning. Typically clients over 30 are the best candidates. Warning – it is highly addictive! Men can also be dermaplaned on areas with no hair. 

This facial is not suitable for clients:

  • have active acne breakouts 
  • have diabetes that’s not under control by diet or medication 
  • are undergoing cancer treatment 
  • have active cold sores 
  • under 18 years 

Will is cause spots?

The exact opposite actually, dermaplaning exfoliates the skin, it removes dead skin cells, oils and dirt which can block pores and lead to blemishes. If you remove that layer of dead skin and built-up debris it will help alleviate congestion. 

How often should I have this treatment?

3-4 weeks. Having a dermaplaning treatment removes 2-3 weeks worth of dead skin cells. 

What is the downtime?

No downtime. You will walk out glowing. We do advise to no sun and always sun protection, no makeup for 24 hours, no excessive heat or sweating. 

Payot Facials 

The Payot facials are a combination of exceptional techniques and active ingredients, they are all based on 5 main steps for instant results and each comes with a professional customised mask adapted to each skin condition.  All facials include a hot towel foot massage which welcomes you and prepares you for your facial experience. All facials are multi sensorial, global anti-ageing and includes Payot’s signature 42 step facial massage to boost the vital functions of the skin. 

Hydration Essential 

A facial with specific hydrating, plumping and soothing results. This treatment is for all skin types that lack hydration & comfort. Includes a welcome hot towel foot massage, double exfoliation, then a 42 step facial massage with the use of cryosphere cooling massage balls, which will calm and hydrate the skin. Finish with a fresh mask infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera and fucogel. A unique moment for a complexion that leaves the skin radiating from within.

Skin types-All skin types

Skin condition-Dehydrated 

Purete Essentail 

This facial will help eliminate impurities and toxins by removing pollution micro-particles that suffocate the skin.  Begins with a welcome hot towel foot massage, makeup removal, exfoliating, hot towel blackhead extraction with ozone oxidation. Payot’s 42 step massage ritual, then a deep cleansing self-warming  exfoliation with grapefruit seeds mask is applied. Followed by the signature expert points Noirs elixir refiner. This facial is rich in antioxidants and vitamin, leaves skin incredibly soft thanks to its emollient and nourishing properties. 

Skin types-Combination to oily 

Skin condition-with or without imperfections

Douceur Essential 

This facial will protect and reinforce while stimulating the cell metabolism, which will sooth and promote healing. Cocooning the skin and leaving it hydrated, soothed, supple and comfortable. Begins with a welcome hot towel foot massage, delicate makeup removal and gentle facial exfoliation. Followed by a 42 step Payot massage ritual. Your skin will then be cocooned in a protective peel off pink coral gel mask. This is rich in brow algae which helps maintain a good level of skin hydration and comfort for the skin. Your skin will be left feeling soothed, comforted, redness decreased and soft. 

Skin types: all 

Skin condition-sensitive 

Eclat Essential 

This facial is perfect for dull stressed skin. It will smooth, stimulate and give immediate luminosity to your complexion. Beginning with a hot towel welcome foot massage. A cleansing and toning application, a double exfoliation followed by 42 step Payot massage to soften the skin and relax the facial features. Then the sparkling, tingling peel off mask is applied. This is rich in Acai extracts which activate the blood microcirculation and reactivates the skin radiance. After this facial your skin will be brighter, softened and luminous. 

Skin types-All

Skin condition-Tired, dull 

Nutrition Essential 

This facial deeply penetrates to improve the absorption of vitamins and nutriments for luminous and comfortable skin. Repairing dull cells it will nourish and hydrate the skin. Beginning with a hot towel welcome foot massage. A cleansing and toning application, a double exfoliation followed by 42 step Payot massage to soften the skin and relax the facial features. Then replenishing and repairing mask is applied which re establish the protective barrier of the skin, nourish the skin in depth and improve the skins texture, leaving the skin soft comfortable and luminous.

Skin types-dry

Skin condition-In need of comfort 

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