DMK Beta Gel, hydrating Beta-Glucan serum

Fight acne and irritated skin with DMK’s signature Beta Gel formula. This transdermal serum is packed with potent betaglucan plus vitamins B and C for maximum performance. Betaglucan has been shown to stimulate the skin’s inbuilt immune system and also work as a potent antioxidant against destructive free radicals that cause premature ageing. Beta Gel serum can help reduce swelling, redness and inflammation almost immediately by boosting the skin’s immune defence system, allowing healthier skin cells to fight back. Beta Gel can be used on burns, sunburn, sutures and for pre and post-operative clients. Beta Gel may be beneficial for slow healers and those who suffer from premature ageing. Beta Gel can be applied directly to the skin and can be used around the eyes.


Used on:

  • All skin conditions and colours
  • Acne and congested skins
  • Rosacea
  • Red, reactive and inflamed skin conditions. Eczema, psoriasis.
  • Smokers, slow healers and sluggish skin.
  • Trauma, abrasions, burns, ulcers or open wounds, sutures and staples.
  • Pre and post operative, IPL, dermabrasion, needling.


  • DMK signature product
  • Stimulates skins immune system
  • Beta-glucan is an active chemical extracted from the cell wall of certain yeasts that have immune stimulation abilities.
  • Beta-glucan is an anti oxidant and free radical scavenging capabilities.

Key Ingredients:

Beta-glucan protects & repairs immune function. Stimulates Langerhans cells and promote healing.

Witch Hazel soothes & relieves pain of irritated & inflamed conditions.

Safflower Oil an antioxidant rise in vitamin A.

Turmeric boosts immunity, softens skin

Tocopherol, vitamin E forms a barrier against moisture evaporation. Retards cellular ageing.

Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate stabilised Vitamin C which inhibits tyrosinase

Palmitoyl Oilgopeptide and Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 2 peptides- stimulates skin matrix replenishment via topical application, leading to wrinkle reduction & skin firming.

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