DMK Acu Moist, hydrating lotion with SPF 15 relieves skin dryness

A gentle rebalancing moisturiser designed to encourage the skin’s continued hydration.

Acu-Moist SPF 15 balances and regulates acne prone skin.

Acu-Moist SPF 15 alleviates the flaking and drying effects caused by the drying acne treatments. It revises hydration, inflammation and healing, while aiding in rebalancing congested skin.

  • Hydrating, rebalancing moisturiser for inflamed cystic acne and congested skin.

Key Ingredients:

Allantoin A natural soothing and skin protectant that increases the water content of the  extracellular matrix  which provides structural support to cells. Allantoin also increases the smoothness of the skin; promotes cell replication, and healing.

Zinc Oxide Has a broader UV absorption profile than titanium dioxide, zinc oxide absorbs UV very effectively.

Panthenol contains antimicrobial properties that are crucial to controlling the growth and spread of bacteria. Rebalances oil production – B5 increases coenzyme A, involved in the metabolism and breaking down of sebum.

Saffolwer oil Rich EFA and vitamin E. Linoleic acid offers powerful dirt- and oil-removing abilities. A lack of linoleic acid can result in skin disorders scubas acne.


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